Housing and Thriving Schools

Greater Riverdale school cohort

The Greater Riverdale school cohort is comprised of seven schools in the Greater Riverdale area. It was created under the placed-based Initiative with Kaiser Permanente’s Community Health and Central Kenilworth Avenue Revitalization Community Development Corporation (CKAR CDC). The purpose of the cohort is to share resources, tools, and technical assistance among the school community leaders through collaboration, networking and regular meetings. The cohort has had several meetings with strategic planning and needs assessments to support the its previous and current needs. The three focus areas for the cohort are food, mental health, and technology, with access to food being the most pertinent of all. The cohort will continue to meet monthly to develop strategies and action plans to work on the food gap in the communities.

Goals for the school cohort

  1. Provide a safe place for principals and other school administrators to collaborate and share challenges, solutions, and resources across the cohort.
  2. Create a resource sharing network, supported by Kaiser Permanente and CKAR, that connects the schools in this cohort to resources in the Greater Riverdale area and Prince George’s County.
  3. Connect schools with funding mechanisms that CKAR and Kaiser Permanente are aware of and provide support in accessing those resources.

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