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Greater Riverdale place-based initiative

Last year, we embarked on a journey to launch a place-based initiative in Greater Riverdale. Over the course of the year we have conducted stakeholder interviews and convened community partners. These interactions have resulted in recommendations for projects within this location that support economic opportunity (workforce readiness, business development, and more), affordable housing, and financial literacy in Riverdale and surrounding areas. Amid this work, we were hit by a pandemic that has changed the very world we live in. The COVID-19 crisis has prompted a natural synergy between wanting to help those in need and people raising their hands to say they are ready to do that.
We remain highly engaged in Greater Riverdale especially during this critical time. Currently, through our work within this community we are striving to address food insecurity in some of the most vulnerable areas by being a part of an initiative called “Greater Riverdale Cares.” Spearheaded by Prince George’s County Councilmember Dannielle Glaros, this is a coordinated effort by nonprofits, businesses, government, community, religious leaders, and residents to assist members of the community most affected by COVID-19 and the unprecedented economic collapse. As of June, this coordinated initiative has helped to provide over 30,000 hot meals to families through a relationship with World Central Kitchen and chef extraordinaire Jose Andres. This effort saw over 200,000 pounds of groceries distributed to those in need, supporting more than 10,000 families. This pandemic may have changed the way we live but it is also opening hearts and increasing helping hands for the better.

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