Access and Social Health
Bailey’s Crossroads/Culmore
Kaiser Permanente has a long history of partnering with communities, especially those experiencing inequities in opportunity, to work towards new and innovative solutions for improving health and well-being. These initiatives aim to provide resources and supports for communities to lead these efforts and disrupt the status quo. In 2019, Kaiser Permanente selected the Bailey’s/Culmore community of Fairfax County for the first Community Health Initiative in Northern Virginia. Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to the Bailey’s/Culmore neighborhood remains strong and consistent during COVID-19. One way we are supporting the community is through a new partnership with 
El Tiempo Latino
 to provide health education and community-driven articles to our community members in Bailey’s/Culmore and across the region. For over five weeks in June, 
Kaiser Permanente sponsored articles
highlighting how community can protect themselves and their families to prevent the spread of COVID-19, highlighting partners that are meeting critical needs in the community, and sponsoring 
Facebook Live
 sessions on these topics. Additionally, Kaiser Permanente granted over $130,000 to organizations serving the Bailey’s/Culmore community during COVID-19, such as the Medical Care for Children Partnership Foundation, Culmore Clinic, and Wesley Housing Development Corporation. In the coming months, Kaiser Permanente will continue to make grantmaking investment in this community to support COVID-19 rebuilding efforts, including leveraging the Mid-Atlantic Community Network. For more information about this initiative, contact Brittany Giles-Cantrell (
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