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Making Strides in Affordable Housing and Homelessness in the Mid-Atlantic
To address the needs of members and communities facing homelessness and housing insecurity, Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic is supporting national and local efforts to ensure safe, stable, and affordable housing. We awarded nearly $2.4 M, in 2020 grants to homeless service providers, helping prevent home evictions; increasing access to personal protection equipment (PPE), COVID-19 testing, and medical care in shelters; and placing people in housing:
  • $125,000 to offset COVID-19 related expenses for five nonprofits in Washington, DC, and Montgomery County, Maryland, that are working to end homelessness.
  • $750,000 to offset COVID-19 related expenses in five communities that participate in the “Built for Zero” campaign*, which utilizes evidence-based best practices to end homelessness for veterans, chronically homeless individuals, and families: Arlington County and Fairfax County, Va.; Montgomery County and Baltimore City, Maryland, and Washington, DC. These grants will pay for services to more than 6,000 people experiencing homelessness. Click here to read more.
  • $1.5 million to advance Built for Zero goals in Baltimore City, Fairfax County and Washington, DC. These funds will end or prevent homelessness for 650 individuals or households.
Every other month, Kaiser Permanente convenes more than 50 community development experts, local government officials, for-profit and non-profit developers, bankers, and lenders to serve as a catalyst for the production and preservation of affordable housing in the Purple Line Corridor. The Purple Line Corridor Coalition Housing Accelerator Action Team works to ensure no net loss of the 17,000 affordable homes in the corridor that will run alongside the new light-rail system. (https://purplelinecorridor.org/housing/)
*Built for Zero is a methodology, a movement, and proof of what is possible. The movement is made up of more than 80 cities and counties that have committed to measurably ending homelessness, one population at a time. Using data, these communities have changed how local homeless response systems work and the impact they can achieve. (https://community.solutions/our-solutions/built-for-zero/)
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